What Others are saying about Ann Marie






Vickie, Cleveland, OH

"I felt very drawn to Ann Marie and after my reading, I now know why. She is the seer of my relationship and spoke as if she had viewed our last
 6 months from above. I am tied to her words!"


Melissa Troy, Alabama

"I was very satisfied with my call with Ann Marie. Others were able to offer me readings that still left me confused, but Ann Marie was so calm, sensitive and broke it down for me detail by detail. Things with her just seemed pure and sincere. She has lifted a burden off of my shoulders."


Rosy Niles, Ill

“Annie is truly my angel. This woman has always helped me make those major decisions in my life. She is there to help me find clarity and offers guidance. Ann Marie has done readings for me over the past 3 years and not once did she give ill advice. Remember all our decisions are our own, Annie confirms what we already know. She is there to not change our lives but to help us listen to our angels and our inner voice. Her readings are always 100% accurate and she is a wonderful, compassionate person who cares about our feeling. I have had readings in the past with other people but she is the BEST. I would be lost without her!! 

Angell Fletcher, N.C.

"I was so glad I when I found Ann Marie and believe my angels guided me to her. I appreciate her wisdom and advice and have found she is always
so detailed. I love and appreciate her immensely."


Yelena Sandlwer, Michigan

Unbelievable. I am so overwhelmed with your honesty, kindness, and a talent of calming me down, so that I can barely write. Thanks a lot.


Dayla Star

I have finally got the kind of reading that I've been searching for regarding this issue. I called a few others and they kept telling me things that they thought I wanted to hear. It was getting annoying. I don't need to hear all of that nonsense. Look, if you want a straight reading about an issue, - to get to the bottom of it, call her. She’s read for me on other things and 100% right.  If you can deal with honestly Annie will just tell you what is going on straight up. 


Margaret Freeman, CA

I'm glad I had an email reading with you instead of a phone call because everything was written down. The email reading at the time was pretty right on but still not too clear but now that I reflect back on it ... IT IS AMAZING! Everything is like you were my angel seeing my life and telling me exactly what is going on. I can not tell you just how much I appreciate you. You are a gift to all of us! Thank you so much!    


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