About Annie O'Dell






Dressed in antique clothing, Annie first read Angel cards and palms in a colorful tent at 1970`s university art flea markets. From coffee houses and summer fairs, College pubs and gift boutiques, she managed to astound even cynics of Clairvoyance. She feels her gift is due to childhood A.D.D., and adapting to a world of sensory feeling rather then logic focus. Mother always told her girls, "Education is best. Sometimes an interesting life is better."

Daughter of 2 teachers, oldest of 4 sisters, Annie grew up watching her mother on stage in community theater productions. She too carried that love of stage, as a musician, singer and song writer. From 14 years old to 5O, life has managed to keep her on stage. She found music and song writing as easy as breathing in and out. Street person, musician, boutique clairvoyant reader, packing house worker, interwoven with aging, her son has seen her in all life stages. Life has been a wonderful canvas for writing.



A mother of one son, and beautiful Asian daughter in law, Annie lives on a tree canopied lane in Gothic Iowa. Surrounded by many gardens, she and her husband, along with 3 dogs and 3 cats, are blessed with two beautiful Grandchildren. Life has become a relaxed pace of gardening, taking in intuitive calls, and writing her new book.